There have been and continue to be many special dogs in my life. I have shared my life and home with dogs of all sizes and shapes, from a Miniature Dachshund and Poodle mixes to a Bloodhound and an Irish Wolfhound mix. I have also fallen in love with so many boarding guests who have become  part of our Tails & Trails family. I have a passion and love for all dogs of all shapes, ages, sizes and backgrounds. But I have developed a special passion for the Siberian Husky breed.

Our Mission

Why? What other dog can take my breath away with their sheer beauty and grace in one moment and make me laugh at their clownish behaviour the next?
The Siberian Husky's energy can be pure positive working drive or balanced and relaxed. Their independence is tempered by affection and loyalty. They are very quick to learn anything new but harder to convince to repeat the behaviour if something interesting attracts their attention; in other words, a challenge. Their pack structure and social behaviour is fascinating and can teach us humans a lot about family communication and education.
As a breeder I see variations in the Siberian Huskies I know and love. They are all individuals and I adore the individuality in every dog around me. At the same time, they are a breed with a core strength of physical and psychological characteristics that I am passionate about protecting and maintaining. And sharing with those who love these dogs as much as we do.

Our mission is to maintain and preserve the Siberian Husky breed, producing dogs that share the same physical conformation and drives particular to the breed while ensuring the breed can adapt to the society in which we live. We wish to minimize the incidence of  the physical defects that are particular to all dog breeds and will continue to screen for known health issues in Siberian Huskies. We celebrate the individuality of each Siberian Husky while ensuring that they each share the fascinating and admirable traits of generations of their ancestors.

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